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We offer a full range of fire services for you or your business. Trust the pros at Umpqua Valley Fire Services to meet your needs and keep you safe!

Our Services include:

Cylinder Hydro-Testing

Umpqua Valley Fire Services is your Department of Transportation Hydrostatic Testing facility. Typically customers are suppliers and end users of high-pressure industrial gases.

Umpqua Valley Fire Services in leader in complete cylinder testing and cylinder maintenance for high-pressure industrial cylinders. We are known throughout the industry for our commitment to quality and service; offering timely turn around, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

Umpqua Valley Fire Services complies with all United States Department of Transportation and Canada 's governing body Transport Canada regulations for hydrostatic testing and safe handling of cylinders.

Fire Hydrant Testing

Why do we test fire hydrants?

Testing ensures that hydrants are in full working order and verifies their flow capacity. Someone could also accidentally turn off the fire hydrant water valve and it would not be noticed until it is needed during a fire.

How do we test a fire hydrant?

In order to determine that a fire hydrant is capable of meeting fire flow requirements, Umpqua Valley Fire Services employees must open the hydrants and discharge water from the hydrant at a very high flow rate. Hydrant

We will be testing:

How does this affect the street where the testing takes place?

While fire hydrant testing is a routine maintenance procedure, it may result in temporary inconveniences. High flow rate discharge during testing disturbs sediments in the water distribution system. This often results in brown or rust-colored water. Hydrant testing may also reduce regular water pressure. Reduced water pressure should only be intermittent as the hydrants are being tested. Your regular water pressure will return to normal once the flow testing is complete.

What should you do while hydrants are being tested on your street?

Emergency Lighting Services

Did you know businesses are required by state law and your insurance company to test regularly your Emergency Exit Lighting systems? Do not take a chance with such serious matters: avoid serious liabilities, increased insurance rates and fines by having, maintaining and testing adequate exit and emergency lighting systems in your building(s).

A-1/Umpqua Valley Fire Services offers a comprehensive maintenance and inspection service on previously installed lighting systems. We will inspect and test every aspect of your emergency lighting units starting with the trickle charger, bulbs, wiring connections, adjust lighting to cover required routes of egress and finishing with the battery.

Our Emergency Lighting Technicians are knowledgeable about:

A brief push of the "test button" can be deceiving since a half-dead battery will operate a lamp for a short period of time. We have the knowledge and instrumentation to load test your lights and detect defective equipment before emergency lighting equipment failure occurs.

Our Normal Service Contracts Include:

Call today and let us provide you with:

  • Quality Technical Service
  • New Emergency and Exit Lighting Units
  • All Replacement Parts
  • Annual, Semi-Annual and Monthly Contract Services
  • Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
NFPA 1997 5-9.3 Periodic Testing of Emergency Lighting Equipment An annual test shall be conducted for a 1-1/2 hour duration. Equipment shall be fully functional for the duration of the test.

Standard Fire Prevention Code 1999 807.1.4 Exit Illumination and Signs

A functional test shall be conducted on every required emergency lighting system at 30-day intervals for a minimum of 30-seconds.

Fire Extinguisher Services

Fire Extinguisher Portable fire extinguishers actually extinguish nearly 95 percent of all reported fires. During a three-decade research by the fire protection industry, almost 30 percent of the portable fire extinguishers in the workplace have deficiencies that could prevent them from operating appropriately. According to N.F.P.A Standard 10, portable fire extinguisher shall be serviced a minimum once per year.

Umpqua Valley Fire Services/ A-1 Fire Protection will perform inspections in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines, N.F.P.A Standard 10, and the local fire prevention authority having Jurisdiction. Annual inspection procedures of fire extinguishers include:


Fire Sprinkler Services

Sprinkler Fire Sprinkler systems will be inspected in accordance with the manufacturers' guidelines, N.F.P.A Standard 25, and the local fire prevention authority. Umpqua Valley Fire Services/ A-1 Fire Protection will conduct monthly, quarterly or annually inspections as required by local the local fire prevention authority.

Fire Suppression

Kitchen fire suppression systems will be inspected in accordance with N.F.P.A Standard 96, 17A, manufacturers' guidelines, and local fire prevention authority. Umpqua Valley Fire Services/ A-1 Fire Protection will conduct semi-annual inspections of the kitchen fire suppression system and will include:

Systems Backflow Testing

Back flow Preventers serve a vital function protecting against hazards caused by back pressure or back siphonage that could cause pollutants or contaminants to back flow into the public water supply and/or the private water users' system.

Umpqua Valley Fire Services/A-1 Fire Protection can assist your business and home by providing back flow testing. Back Flow testing ensures our municipal water and private water supplies remain free from foreign contaminants. Failing to inspect your back flow devices annually can cause considerable problems and can even result in your municipal water department shutting down your water service.